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Forgetting on stage!?

Updated: Jul 10

It's not easy having a memory slip on stage. It's happened to I think everyone. Ask Joe Biden.

I remember performing Rach 2 before a very large audience with the Grand Rapids Symphony years ago. In all the fast action of the third movement suddenly I stopped. Like a computer crashing. I didn't know what happened. I whispered to the conductor that I was going back to the start of the passage since it was without orchestra. I barreled through thinking my gosh I am so embarrassed. I finally made it to the end shaking in my shoes with a standing ovation. I learned a couple things from the experience. People are still going to love you no matter what. People are moved when you don't give up. A standing ovation followed and a great review. A note aside, the Mayor called me and said congratulations, and I'm glad it happened to you. Cause it happens to me too.

So how do you overcome a memory slip?

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