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The Allegro Club is for students from 7th through 12th grade. A link to the presentations will be emailed to teachers and students on the first Friday of each month, October, December and January.   The link will be available for 1 month for students to view.  Student performances will take place in person at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary (2965 Leonard St SE) on the second Friday of each month, October through February. at 4:15 PM.  Attendance will be taken at the in-person meetings/recitals, and there will be a short form to fill out online to receive attendance credit for the virtual presentations.



October 7 (Virtual):  Justin Gray will speak about how he  became a dance accompanist/rehearsal pianist at age 14, how he finds appropriate repertoire for ballet classes and what it is like to play for dancers.

October 14.....Exclusively Allegros

November 11.....Exclusively Allegros

December 2 (Virtual):  Jubal Brass, local brass ensemble, will share favorites from their repertoire.

December 9.....Exclusively Allegros

January 6 (Virtual):  Megan Crawford, GRML member, Grand Rapids Symphony violinist, and local teacher, will share her love of the violin and its repertoire.


January 13.....Exclusively Allegros

February 10.....Exclusively Allegros

Teachers of students should contact Karen Betz-Griewahn at (  
Requests to perform must be made at least 1 week before the performance which are October 14, November 11, December 9, January 13 and February 10.


Families who have a child in both Con Brios and Allegros who want to perform in the same month in person may perform at the same recital.

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